Collected writing and research from the Paradigm team

Funding Bitcoin development

7.1.2020 | Matt Huang

Significant value is stored in Bitcoin (at $150B+ market cap), yet Bitcoin software is maintained by a relatively small group of developers. Large corporations like Google or Boeing have legions [→]

Creators, Communities, and Crypto

6.17.2020 | Fred Ehrsam

Digital creators have exploded. They are increasingly looking for ways to grow, engage, and monetize their followings. Internet-native communities have also exploded. reddit’s communities have gone from obscure to mainstream. [→]

Analysis of EIP-1559

6.10.2020 | Georgios Konstantopoulos, Leo Zhang

If implemented, Ethereum improvement proposal (EIP) 1559 will be the largest change to how users bid for blockspace in any of the major blockchains. While the proposed rules are relatively simple, the [→]

Bitcoin for the open-minded skeptic

5.11.2020 | Matt Huang

Originally published as a report for institutional investors: PDF Bitcoin has grown from idea (2008), to working system (2009), to its first real-world use at <$0.01 per coin (2010), to a [→]

7 Things To Read About Bitcoin (For Institutional Investors)

5.1.2020 | Matt Huang

After some quiet years, Bitcoin is top of mind again. We recently published a paper ("Bitcoin for the Open-Minded Skeptic") to help demystify Bitcoin for a new cohort of investors. [→]

The Yield Protocol: On-Chain Lending With Interest Rate Discovery

4.1.2020 | Dan Robinson

Read the paper here: PDF Abstract This paper presents a sketch of a new building block for decentralized finance: yTokens. yTokens are like zero-coupon bonds: on-chain obligations that settle on [→]

An analysis of Uniswap markets

11.1.2019 | Guillermo Angeris, Hsien-Tang Kao, Rei Chiang, Charlie Noyes, Tarun Chitra

Read the paper here: PDF Abstract Uniswap -- and other constant product markets -- appear to work well in practice despite their simplicity. In this paper, we give a simple [→]

Joining Paradigm

5.9.2019 | Arjun Balaji

I’m excited to announce that I’m joining Paradigm’s investment team to help Fred Ehrsam, Matt Huang, Charlie Noyes, and Dan Robinson build the best asset management firm in the cryptocurrency industry. I’ve had the pleasure of [→]

The Rainbow Network: An Off-Chain Decentralized Synthetics Exchange

3.1.2019 | Dan Robinson

Read the paper here: PDF Abstract This paper presents the Rainbow Network, a design for an off-chain non-custodial exchange and payment network supporting any assets for which two parties can [→]

Joining Paradigm

1.9.2019 | Dan Robinson

I’m excited to announce that I’m joining Paradigm as a Research Partner, to help Matt Huang, Fred Ehrsam, and Charlie Noyes build a new kind of investment firm.‬ I’ve always hoped I would get a chance [→]