Collected writing and research from the Paradigm team

MEV and me

2.5.2021 | Charlie Noyes

Ethereum’s core insight was that flexible smart contracts allow developers to explore a new frontier of permissionless applications. The explosive growth of decentralized financial protocols built on Ethereum (“DeFi”) is [→]

How does Optimism’s Rollup really work?

1.29.2021 | Georgios Konstantopoulos, Hasu

At Paradigm, we work very closely with the companies in our portfolio. That work includes diving deep with them in their protocol design and implementation. We recently talked about the mechanics of [→]

(Almost) Everything you need to know about Optimistic Rollup

1.27.2021 | Georgios Konstantopoulos

One of the biggest challenges in the Ethereum ecosystem is having low latency and high throughput under tight resource constraints (e.g. CPU, bandwidth, memory, disk space). The decentralization of a [→]

Joining Paradigm

1.18.2021 | Dave White

It was the seventh month of quarantine, and DeFi was in the ascendant. One day, wandering the depths of crypto Twitter, I came across an open problem. Its author was finance [→]

Paradigm’s Open Problems: A Series

12.20.2020 | Charlie Noyes

About a month ago, we finally got around to publishing a truly wicked problem that had been plaguing my partner Dan Robinson and I for nearly two years. It was a Hail [→]

So you want to use a price oracle

11.9.2020 | samczsun

In late 2019, I published a post titled “Taking undercollateralized loans for fun and for profit”. In it, I described an economic attack on Ethereum dApps that rely on accurate [→]

Governance Minimization

10.28.2020 | Fred Ehrsam

"THE BEST GOVERNMENT IS THAT WHICH GOVERNS LEAST" — UNKNOWN Those who read my blockchain governance post from 2017 know I was excited about crypto exploring different forms of governance, [→]

Changing Lanes

10.9.2020 | samczsun

In early 2020, I was given an opportunity to join Trail of Bits over the summer. I was familiar with the high quality of work that they produced so I happily accepted [→]

Crypto Market Structure 3.0

10.1.2020 | Arjun Balaji

In the early 2010s, the crypto market consisted of a handful of small, retail-focused brokers. Over the last decade, the market has grown to over $15B of daily volume across [→]

Escaping the Dark Forest

9.24.2020 | samczsun

I was about to wrap up for the night when I decided to take another look at some smart contracts. I wasn’t expecting anything interesting, of course. Over the past [→]