Joining Paradigm

May 09, 2019 | Arjun Balaji

I’m excited to announce that I’m joining Paradigm’s investment team to help Fred Ehrsam, Matt Huang, Charlie Noyes, and Dan Robinson build the best asset management firm in the cryptocurrency industry.

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with the group through the process of testing my own theses over the last couple of years. After leaving every conversation with new perspective, I was convinced I didn’t want to stop talking. As we discussed working together, I was attracted to the team’s intellectual rigor, long-term commitment to the industry, and optimism about the future.

My focus will primarily be on cryptocurrency markets and investments in public blockchains. I’ll also be on the hunt for exciting early-stage opportunities. If you’re working on anything I’d find particularly interesting, please feel free to reach out (

I’m fortunate to have spent the last few years in NYC, one of the greatest cities in the world, but am excited to move to the Bay Area. As I enter my new role, I remain exceptionally grateful to close friends and industry peers who have collaborated with me and helped improve my work over the last several years, including Nic Carter (Castle Island VC), Brendan Bernstein (Tetras Capital), Miles Suter (Cash App), Murad Mahmudov (Adaptive Capital), Ari Nazir (Neural Capital), Yassine Elmandjra (ARK Invest), Marty Bent & Matt Odell (TFTC), Pratyush Buddiga (Pic One), Hasu (Uncommon Core), the research team at The Block, and countless others.

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