Announcing Paradigm's Third Fund

Paradigm has raised our third fund: an $850M venture fund focused on crypto projects at the earliest stages. []

by Matt Huang on Jun 13, 2024

From Staking to Restaking

Introducing Symbiotic, a generalized, permissionless protocol providing shared security through restaking. []

by Arjun Balaji, Dave White, Georgios Konstantopoulos on Jun 11, 2024

Priority Is All You Need

In this post, we introduce MEV taxes, a mechanism that arbitrary applications can use to capture their own MEV. This mechanism could be used today on OP Stack L2s like OP Mainnet, Base, and Blast, because the block proposers on those chains follow a set of rules we call competitive priority ordering. []

by Dan Robinson, Dave White on Jun 04, 2024

How to Raise the Gas Limit, Part 2: History Growth

The goal of this blogpost series is to develop a scientific approach for understanding and enacting Ethereum's scaling roadmap. []

by Storm Slivkoff, Georgios Konstantopoulos on May 07, 2024

Reth Execution Extensions

Build real-time, high-performance, zero-operations off-chain infrastructure on top of Reth []

by Georgios Konstantopoulos on May 03, 2024

Fig: Frame Interface Guidelines

Fig is a set of open-source guidelines & templates for building Frames with a consistently great user experience. []

by Achal Srinivasan, Georgios Konstantopoulos, awkweb, jxom on May 02, 2024

Reth’s path to 1 gigagas per second, and beyond

Reth’s performance roadmap and how we intend to scale Ethereum. []

by Georgios Konstantopoulos on Apr 24, 2024

Reth AlphaNet

Reth AlphaNet is a testnet OP Stack-compatible rollup aimed at maximizing Reth performance and enabling experimentation of bleeding edge Ethereum Research. []

by Georgios Konstantopoulos on Apr 16, 2024

Announcing Reth Beta!

After 21 alpha releases Reth is entering beta.1 and preparing for our 1.0 “production ready” release in the next few months. In this post, we discuss the core features, performance, and stability of Reth Beta. []

by Georgios Konstantopoulos on Mar 11, 2024

Everything Is A Perp

Power perps are assets that target the power of an index price. It’s a fun rabbit hole to go down. The longer you think about power perps, the more you see how everything resembles a power perp. []

by Joe Clark, Andrew Leone, Dan Robinson on Mar 06, 2024