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Nov 28, 2022 | Achal Srinivasan, Georgios Konstantopoulos

We are excited to announce Paradigm is sponsoring Tom Meagher and Jake Moxey to focus full-time on wagmi, a powerful & ergonomic web3 frontend development library.

Our vision is to build open-source libraries to accelerate web3 frontend development. We could not think of anyone better than Tom & Jake to make this vision a reality.

What is wagmi?

wagmi (on Github) is a Javascript library for web3 frontends, which provides simple hooks (e.g. useBalance) for developers to interact with Ethereum. It is high-quality, developer-friendly, and used by hundreds of teams in the space, with ~330k monthly downloads. wagmi has over 3,400 stars on Github, and was a finalist for “Breakthrough of the Year” at React Summit, with over 25,000 developers in attendance.

You can learn more about wagmi using the Examples and Documentation. Many thanks to the contributors and sponsors who helped make wagmi a reality.

Who are Tom & Jake?

Tom (Github) and Jake (Github) are among the most talented frontend developers in the space. They have contributed to leading products like Mirror and Rainbow, and have extensive experience building tools for developers.

Tom started building wagmi in November 2021. Jake began contributing to wagmi in January 2022 and has been key to the evolution of the architecture.

What is our vision?

We plan to create the best open-source libraries for building apps with any chain, using any frontend framework (e.g. React, Vue, etc.). These libraries will feature world-class developer experience, feature-richness, small package size, type safety, and extensive testing. We are actively focused on the following areas, with lots more to come...

wagmi High-level framework adapters (e.g. React) for interacting with Ethereum. Explore the examples to get started.

CLIs Building around developer workflows to enable faster iteration from 0 to 1. For instance, generating React hooks from contracts and ABIs, or scaffolding a fullstack EVM project.

Multi-framework Support for other Javascript-powered frameworks beyond React (e.g. Vue, Svelte, etc.). If you have specific requests, please flag it on Github Discussions.

Secret Project A low-level TypeScript library that is going to reimagine the experience of building on top of Ethereum on the web.

In partnering with Tom and Jake, we continue to support the development of public goods for Ethereum & the broader crypto ecosystem. We are beyond excited about the products that will be built on top of these foundations over the next few years.

We would love to hear what you are building, or discuss how you can contribute towards this vision. Reach us at any time at and

Acknowledgments: Matt Huang, Dan Robinson

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