Joining Paradigm as an EIR

Dec 14, 2023 | Josh Harris

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be joining Paradigm as an EIR to work on a new project, Pixie Chess.

Pixie Chess is a novel crypto game & financial experiment inspired by chess, TCGs & crypto structures like NounsDAO. I’m looking for exceptionally talented technical contributors to round out our founding team.

If that’s you, I would love to chat. My email is


Choosing to work with Paradigm is a no-brainer. Their commitment to crypto, and to backing bold ideas speaks for itself. I’ve also been deeply impressed with their team. Doug & Charlie are brilliant, kind, & incredibly thoughtful about building generational crypto products. I'm grateful to have them in my corner as a founder.

There’s no set path for the internet, and building a better version of it is a task I'm deeply serious about. I’m really excited to be able to work with people that share & execute on that vision.


I grew up on the internet, but I started exploring crypto much later than a lot of the people I’ve met in our space. The world I found then wasn’t some hypothetical, it was alive — vast, exciting, and dangerous — full of things to explore. It was an extension of all the best aspects of the internet.

I think our industry exists because there is a profound lack of purpose in the world today. People want something meaningful to believe in and do with their lives. Crypto is this massive virtual frontier, full of adventures, potential upside, and technological revolution. This is the version of crypto I fell in love with, and the one I’m building for today.


I think building a game within crypto is a lot like building a mini-game inside of World of Warcraft. It doesn’t matter how fun you make the gameplay, because your users are playing a much larger game, and their goals are to a much higher order.

To us, crypto is that larger world, and understanding our place in it enables us to design better games for our users. I think crypto users are often knocked for being highly mercenary, but I don’t think they are! Their demands are really simple, they want value-generation & to participate in something meaningful & exciting.

What's Next

We’re looking for exceptionally talented, technically-skilled people to join the founding team. Particularly with interest or skill sets in these areas:

  • Multiplayer game servers
  • Novel solidity mechanics
  • Magical front-end experiences
  • AI chess engines

If you love games, want to build amazing worlds on the internet, and/or work on magical products, I’d love to chat and show you what we’re working on.

Please reach out at

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