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Written by Hasu

A Guide to Designing Effective NFT Launches

Blockchains revolutionized fundraising for open-source software, but not everything worked right from the start. In fact, ICOs of the 2016-2018 era were often horribly broken mechanisms that allowed founders to []

by Hasu, Anish Agnihotri on Oct 13, 2021

How mistX uses Flashbots bundles to provide frontrunning protection

After covering CowSwap on Uncommon Core a few days ago, today I looked at another "gasless exchange" - mistX. When making a gasless trade, the trader does not pay a transaction []

by Hasu on Jun 01, 2021

On Staking Pools and Staking Derivatives

The transition from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS) is Ethereum’s most anticipated milestone since its inception. Instead of using the energy-costly PoW to extend the blockchain, []

by Hasu, Georgios Konstantopoulos on Apr 23, 2021

Understanding Automated Market-Makers, Part 1: Price Impact

Every day, thousands of people use a decentralized exchange (DEX) for the first time. However, the idiosyncrasies of a public blockchain routinely catch newcomers off-guard, even those familiar with trading on more traditional []

by Hasu on Apr 19, 2021

Establishing Bounds for Miner Revenue in EIP-1559

Goal of the analysis Establish lower, middle and upper bounds for how much miner revenue will be burned Analysis We believe that the impact of EIP-1559 on both miner revenue and ETH holders []

by Hasu, Georgios Konstantopoulos on Feb 26, 2021

Miners will accept EIP-1559, here is why

EIP-1559 is one of the most highly-anticipated Ethereum upgrades of all time, radically changing how users bid for transactions, among other major benefits. EIP-1559 has overwhelming community support and is technically ready []

by Hasu, Georgios Konstantopoulos on Feb 22, 2021

How does Optimism's Rollup really work?

At Paradigm, we work very closely with the companies in our portfolio. That work includes diving deep with them in their protocol design and implementation. We recently talked about the mechanics of Optimistic []

by Georgios Konstantopoulos, Hasu on Jan 29, 2021

Analysis of EIP-2593 (Escalator)

Today, we continue our analysis of blockspace market proposals by looking at EIP-2593, more widely known as “escalating bid algorithm”, or simply “escalator”. It is being advertised as an alternative to EIP-1559 with a []

by Hasu, Georgios Konstantopoulos on Jun 24, 2020

Analysis of EIP-1559

If implemented, Ethereum improvement proposal (EIP) 1559 will be the largest change to how users bid for blockspace in any of the major blockchains. While the proposed rules are relatively simple, the []

by Georgios Konstantopoulos, Hasu on Jun 10, 2020