Charlie Noyes
General Partner

Charlie Noyes

Charlie Noyes is a General Partner at Paradigm. Previously, Charlie was a member of the investment team at Pantera Capital where he co-led early stage investments. He first became interested in crypto as a teen, and attended MIT for one year (incomplete). Charlie’s high school research on blockchain technology has been nationally recognized by Intel and the NSA.

Written by Charlie

A Cosmos Thesis

On Ethereum, all applications run on a shared state machine. In Cosmos, many application-specific blockchains pass assets and other messages between one another. If Ethereum is a mainframe computer, Cosmos []

by Charlie Noyes, Dan Robinson on Apr 08, 2021

MEV and me

Ethereum’s core insight was that flexible smart contracts allow developers to explore a new frontier of permissionless applications. The explosive growth of decentralized financial protocols built on Ethereum (“DeFi”) is []

by Charlie Noyes on Feb 05, 2021

Paradigm's Open Problems: A Series

About a month ago, we finally got around to publishing a truly wicked problem that had been plaguing my partner Dan Robinson and I for nearly two years. It was a Hail []

by Charlie Noyes on Dec 20, 2020

An analysis of Uniswap markets

Read the paper here: PDF Abstract Uniswap — and other constant product markets — appear to work well in practice despite their simplicity. In this paper, we give a simple formal analysis []

by Guillermo Angeris, Hsien-Tang Kao, Rei Chiang, Charlie Noyes, Tarun Chitra on Nov 01, 2019